Company Profile

Company Profile

Noveltek is a leading company of manufacturing electric powered material handling equipment in Taiwan. Noveltek produce all series electric forklift, power pallet truck, power stacker, counterbalance reach truck, lift table, semi-power staker and hand pallet truck, pallet jack.

Noveltek can according to customer demand to produce the customers' special requirement specifications. Noveltek is a well known and proven product. Noveltek have exported to 38 countries for 18 years. Customer trust our product Quality, you can happy using it, too. Noveltek is your best choice.



Tow Truck (Power:5 Tons, 11000LB)TT-50

Advanced Electric Forklift Truck 1.5Tons/2Tons/2.5Tons,3300LB~5500LB + ROTATING 360X FORK CLAMP 3300LB~5500LB

Powered Order Picker Stacker POPS-10


2019年4月11日(禮拜四)~4月15日(禮拜一) 臺南自動化機械暨智慧製造展

  • 2019年4月11日(禮拜四)~4月15日(禮拜一) 臺南自動化機械暨智慧製造展

2018年9月20日(禮拜四)~9月22日(禮拜六) 印尼台灣精品形象日(Taiwan Excellence Days)

  • 2018年9月20日(禮拜四)~9月22日(禮拜六) 印尼台灣精品形象日(Taiwan Excellence Days)