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Flow Racks (Heavy)-Pallet Load 800Kg ~ 2000kg FR-H

Automated Guided Vehicle System:Flow Racks (Heavy)-Pallet  Load 800Kg ~ 2000kg FR-H
重型流利式揀貨型鋼架料架(Flow racks):

Flow Racks((Heavy)

Pallet  Load 800Kg ~ 2000kg



● Suitable for large amounts of single-product goods storage.
● The use of inertial gravity with the storage.
● Rack level of poor design, with pallets of goods from the high point of the

  rear to the front of the low, pick up pick up by the front.
● Suitable for the entire board shipping warehouse.
● Rack depth according to customer demand design and FIFO mode of

  operation can be achieved.