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Medium duty rack (Middle Heavy)-Pallet Load 300Kg ~ 800kg PR-M

Automated Guided Vehicle System:Medium duty rack (Middle Heavy)-Pallet Load 300Kg ~ 800kg PR-M
一般物料鋼架(中重型)-儲位荷重300 ~ 800Kg

Pallet Rack (Middle Heavy)

Pallet Load 300Kg ~ 800kg


Hooks and screw assembly design, free to adjust the storage height and interval.Suitable storage box goods, bulk goods, archives and other lighter weight and smaller size of the items.


Size: 50 * 50 * 50 * 10mm, pillar two wings red oval-shaped long hole 22 * 5mm, pitch 36mm
Pitch (36m / m) up and down the grid plate of the storage cabinet available in accordance with the pillars of freedom adjustment


Length of the beam:

1350/1400/2100/2300/2500/2700/2800/3000/3300/3500 ~ 6000


(Can be customized for specifications)