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HPT-NM/WL+ Weight Display

Hand Pallet Truck + Weight display(Load:2 Tons)HPT-NM/WL+ Scale

Automated Guided Vehicle System:Hand Pallet Truck + Weight display(Load:2 Tons)HPT-NM/WL+ Scale

Product Introduction

Hydraulic pallet truck in manual hydraulic pallet weight sensors to increase accuracy and weight of the display device which consists of weighing system.

Hydraulic pallet truck scales to achieve a cargo handling and weighing in parallel, each weighing data can be displayed automatically.

Size small, the implementation of lightweight, comfortable lifting, turning easy, precise measurement of the advantages.

Hydraulic pallet truck scales equipped with rechargeable battery pack charger, one charge can be used 55 to 60 hours, charging time is 8 to 12 hours.


Suitable for use

Mainly used for storage operations in stack pallets or packing of goods

of the transfer of goods weighing, such as railway, highway inventory of

goods weighing; company finished products, semi-finished goods out of

storage libraries weighing and so on.



Hydraulic pallet truck and weighing a complete shift reactor
Strong and durable hydraulic system
Super heavy fork-resistant board design
High-quality PU load wheel
4 special weight sensor
Special weight display
Rechargeable power supply
Optional printer





Psllet Truck Size

( width X Length X Lowest Position X Heighest Position )

HPT-NM+ Weight Scale

2 Tons

0.5 kg

550 x 1100 x 85 x 205

HPT-WL+ Weight Scale

700 x 1250 x 85 x 205