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Stacker Industrial Battery

Automated Guided Vehicle System:Stacker Industrial Battery

TAB battery from Slovenia (Slovenian: Slovenija) is located in southern Central Europe, a small country next to the Alps, Slovenia in 1991 as a former republics of the former Yugoslavia. Independent on June 25, 1991. Major minerals, iron, lead, tin, aluminum, ... and so on.


The length of the lead-acid battery life, good or bad quality, the most important is, depends on the quality of the lead and control of manufacturing factories, production lead countries of battery, will lay a good foundation for the quality of the product.

NOVELTEK is a electric stacker manufacturer, the quality and longevity of use in order to maintain the Stacker
Original are selection of exclusive agency TAB battery, the use of high-quality industrial battery to heap high life will increase, and under normal conditions of use, battery life is about 5 to 10 years


Specifications capacity is divided into:







Need to configure the industrial battery, please inform the following information:
1 battery box size (L * W * H)
2.Stacker battery capacity
3. The battery box lifting lugs position